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Croatian voiceover, production, copywriting

How we can help you? not only offers voiceover business, but is also a one-stop shop for creating the perfect brand. Crovoiceover services are composing text for a commercial – copywriting, recording and production, creating radio brand and marketing assistance. All in one place.

Croatian Voiceover

Croatian voiceover for commercial, narration, radio image, audio books, phone system and many more.


Unique custom design for jingles, sweepers, radio commercials, intros and outros.


Create a client wining text, copy that sells.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. When do you deliver your orders?
    All orders are delivered within 48 hours. Except for large orders over 2000 words, time is negotiated depending on clients wishes.

  2. What if I need urgent delivery?
    Delivery is also possible within 24 hours. Such priority delivery is additionally charged.

  3. In what format are the delivered recordings?
    All recording are delivered in WAV format, 16 bit, 44100, unless the client requested otherwise.

  4. What if some parts of recording aren’t good enough or need to be modified?
    Unlimited numbers of revisions are available for all orders. Everything that needs to be changed in included in the price and is not subject to additional costs.

  5. I want the speaker to record a few more sentences. What do I do?
    Depending on the amount of text, additional recordings are charged according to the regular price list.

  6. Do you have any other voices available?
    On request, it is possible to get another voice – male or female, depending on availability of talents. The price and delivery time vary depending on the size of the job being delivered.

  7. You also do production, what exactly does it cover?
    Production includes the creation of audio solutions. Whether it’s a radio commercial, radio or Internet jingle, show opener, YouTube intro or outro, everything is combined with the help of voiceover partners from USA who record professional voice and lend it for the above purposes.

  8. Can a studio be rented for recording another person?
    Studio rentals are made on request only. Several studios can be rented depending on the size and scope of the work.

  9. What are your prices?
    The price of a particular service varies depending on a number of factors such as the number of words in the text to be recorded, rights required, additional services like text creation, production, multiple takedowns, video production services and others.